Repze LLC Scam and Fraud

RepZe LLC Reputation Rackateering

What is Repze LLC?

RepZe is a fraudulent LLC. This company is involved in a multi country extortion blackmail scheme. The company claims to be located at 9615 E County Line Rd-Ste. B#444 Centennial, Englewood, CO 80112. This address is nothing more than a mailbox at a shipping store called Post Net. Also, the company is not registered with the Secretary of State in Colorado. With no physical location and no official registration is only part of this reputation management fraud.

Contact Your Local Police If Repze LLC Has Done Any Of The Following

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Threats to re-post if payment is not made.

Request payment to remove posts made by Repze.

After removal, a post which was paid to be removed appears on another site with advertisements for RepZe to remove content.

Quotes a price then later increases the amount.

RepZe LLC NY Times Article

An article in the NY Times titled "The Slander Industry", includes several references to the RepZe LLC and Vikram Parmar association. 

Youtube Video Related To RepZe LLC Investigation

Here is a video linked to youtube.

Reputation Racketeering

RepZe LLC is part of systemic organization of cheater websites. Operators of these disparaging websites post and scrape content from numerous other cheater websites. Then uses RepZe LLC to process payments to remove content the website operator re-posted themselves.

​Many of these websites mention Section 203. This law does not apply when the website operator is the user generating content via scraping or designing the site with inputs other than blank text boxes.


RepZe LLC does not actually exist. This fraudulent company intendeds to trick consumers by attempting to establish the credibility of a legitimate business.


Cheater websites primary purpose is to collect payment in order to remove scraped content.


Threats are made to give the impression that if payment is not made, then the posts will be spread on other websites.


A network of cheater websites conspire to affect interstate commerce by solving problems that would not otherwise exist if it were not for the action of the website operators.

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