The RepZe LLC Scam Business Model

The Process


Fraudulent Identities

Close Relationship To Cheaterwebsites

The Deception

RepZe's fraudulent scheme victimizes many people around the world through extortion. The owner will re-post content on other sites they own and request further payments to remove content they re-posted. This fraudulent LLC is not a legal business entity in Colorado or any other state. The owner and operator has hundreds of cheater type websites that scrape content from each other. The website domains typically contain words like "expose", "cheater", and many others. Once a victim notices shocking content about them they become in a panic. Based on emotion they feel inclined to pay extraordinary fees to have the content removed. This is text book blackmail. (demanding payment in order to not reveal negative information regardless of it being true or not).

What makes this scam work?

Initial Post

An initial post is made on a cheater website by an outside user. This is often times made by a disgruntled ex-partner or possibly a competitor. This post may either be partially true or completely false.

Repost Original

This initial post is then re-posted on several similar cheater websites owned by Vikram Parmar. This is done through a method called scraping. Where a program is designed to crawl a website and duplicate content. The website owner controls these second posts by the push of a button that commands a bot to crawl and scrape content. These new posts are no longer user generated and are now website generated.

Perpetual Victim

If someone pays RepZe, they will be reposted again and again on websites owned by them. The method to avoid and explicit black mail is to use a so called "arbitrage". This is the illusion RepZe attempts to create. False identities that make a victim think there is actually a separation between the cheater site and the removal service. When they are actually one in the same. Once a victim is identified, they are put on a repeat process. Similar to a telemarketing scam call. If you answer, then you are put on a list.

The Evidence

Our team compiled evidence from user experiences from around the world.

Fraudulent LLC | Not a Legal Business Entity

The State of Colorado and every other state in the United States maintains a database of all legal businesses. Business are required to meet certain criteria in order to register in Colorado. Criteria such as; physical address in the state, registered agent with normal business hours, and an actual identity. RepZe does not meet any of these criteria.


Check for yourself at:

repze not an entity

Fraudulent Address | Not a Legal Business Address

Repze is the defendant in a recent lawsuit filed in 2020 for crimes such as racketeering, fraud, and blackmail. The process server was unable to find a legitimate place of business when attempting to serve the fraudulent company. The address 9615 E County Line Rd-Ste. B#444 Centennial, Englewood, CO 80112 is nothing more than a PO Box at a Post Net store. The process server interviewed the owner of the store and concluded that the business is non-existent at the address. The case can be found in the United States District Court for the Southern District Of Florida (9:20-CV-80147)